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Edward Mead

Executive Director

Artemis Resources

Mr Mead is a geologist with 23 years experience in gold and base metals exploration, mine development and mine production. Mr Mead has also worked in the oil and gas industry on offshore drilling platforms. Other commodities that he has significant experience with and can be considered to be a competent person in are iron ore, magnetite, coal, manganese, lithium, potash and uranium.

Mr Mead has worked on geological settings that are not limited to but include copper gold porphyries, epithermal and orogenic gold deposits, mafic and ultramafic layered intrusions for nickel copper and Platinum Group Elements, Volcanic Hosted Massive Sulphides (VMS, VHMS) for copper, zinc and silver, felsic intrusions such as Pegmatite’s for lithium and supergene deposits for commodities such as uranium, Sedimentary basin’s for coal, iron ore and oil and gas.

Geological areas in Western Australia that he has worked in include the West Pilbara for basemetals and gold. The East Pilbara for manganese and gold. The Yilgarn for gold. The Kimberley for basemetals, gold and uranium. The Murchison for basemetals, uranium and gold.

He has a BSc in geology from Canterbury University in New Zealand and is a member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. He has worked for the Geological Survey of Western Australia, Portman Mining, Western Mining Corporation (BHPB), Sons of Gwalia, Fox Resources, Comdek Ltd and Baker Hughes Inteq and a number of other companies through his own consultancy.

Through exploration of these commodities Ed has developed a strong understanding of geophysics, with exposure to airborne/ground electromagnetics, gravity, Induced Polarisation, seismic, magnetics, sub audio-magnetics, resistivity and gamma-gamma.

Ed has worked in Mozambique, South Africa, Cameroon, Austria, United Sates of America and Australia on projects at various stages of exploration and development or in production.

At Fox Resources he was involved in taking the company from explorer to producer. He also rerated the West Pilbara area for exploration of nickel and copper sulphides with the use of modern exploration techniques.

Mr Mead is currently an Executive Director of Artemis Resources Ltd (ASX:ARV), which has promising Cobalt Projects in the West Pilbara of Western Australia    

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