The New Pilbara Economic Conference
The New Pilbara Economic Summit

Tony Friday


Pilbara Regional Council

Tony Friday

As the CEO for the Pilbara Regional Council, Tony is a passionate advocate for the Pilbara, and is committed to unlocking the vast potential within the region.  

He likes to dream big; seeing cities of the north with large populations, sustainable and diversified local economies, active trade routes with our Asian neighbours, and aboriginal people that are fully integrated within each of these elements whilst preserving their traditional heritage and values.  He knows it might not all come about in his lifetime, but isn’t afraid or embarrassed to try.

When he is not thinking about the Pilbara, Tony has his eye on the next horizon.  As a veteran adventure traveller he has travelled to more than a hundred countries.  From the frozen tundra of Russia to the heat and sand of the Sahara; he has surfed a volcano, bobsledded with Olympians, and stayed as the guest of an African king.

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