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Neil Hartley


Shire of Ashburton

Neil Hartley

Neil Hartley started his career in local government in 1977 as a Junior Clerk.  He has over 20 years of experience as a CEO and so far, has enjoyed almost 40 years of ‘character building experiences’ working within the local government industry.

Neil commenced at the Shire of Ashburton in October 2013 and has actively encouraged stronger partnerships within the organisation, and also between the Shire and its numerous stakeholders, with the view to improving the overall wellbeing of the Ashburton community and its businesses.   Ashburton continues to develop at a ‘hyper-growth’ rate, with numerous infrastructure projects progressing, including the Onslow Hospital and the Paraburdoo Community Hub, and hopefully in the not too distant future, the Onslow Beadon Creek Marina Upgrade.  Tourism is now making a strong come-back across the area and there are numerous investments proposed to take advantage of this surge, and even expand on this market.  A dedicated team of Ashburton Councillors and staff are working closely together to manage these initiatives.


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