The New Pilbara Economic Conference
The New Pilbara Economic Summit

Dr Geoff James

Research Principal

Institute for Sustainable Futures

Dr Geoff James

Dr Geoff James is consultant in clean energy and is respected as a thought leader following 25 years of multidisciplinary research with government and private-sector clients.  His research and consulting interests include integrating renewable energy in power systems, distribution network evolution, international transmission planning, Asian energy market development, and energy storage technology and applications.  Geoff received his PhD in Physics in 1991 contributing to technology for radioastronomy at the University of Tasmania.  He then joined CSIRO and until 2002 worked on research and commercial projects in radio antenna engineering.  Following a period working on distributed systems with embedded intelligence, Geoff began to apply these ideas to distributed energy.  In 2013 Geoff joined Reposit Power to help commercialise residential energy storage in the Australian market.  Since 2015 he is consulting privately and in 2016 he joined the Institute for Sustainable Futures as a Research Principal.

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